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Need Tampa House Painting? We can help. House painting can be challenging when it comes time to refresh your ceilings or walls. We make the entire process easy and look forward to working with you on your next Tampa Painting project. Our Tampa House Painting process is as follows.

Tampa House Painters – Ceilings: Painting a ceiling can be done the right way or the wrong we. We first Brush in all of the corners in any given room or area of your Tampa Homes. Next we will begin by either rolling paint or spraying it. If we are rolling we will start in a 2×2′ area and work from there. Usually with an 18″ roller cover. If we are spraying the ceiling we will first mask off any lighting or walls that need covered. Next we will spray your ceiling in the same way we roll it. In a 2×2′ area at a time. Always followed by back-rolling your new paint finish to ensure it is even and consistent.

Tampa House Painters – Walls: Painting walls are done in the same manner as a ceiling, with the exception of having door, window and baseboard trim to account for. As well as Tampa Electrical outlets. Other than that we perform all wall painting in the same way we paint ceilings. By applying it in a 2×2′ section at a time. Prior to painting walls, we first make sure the surface is free of nicks, dings, dents, holes, cracks and scratches.

Tampa House Painters – Doors, Trim and Baseboards: We spray all trim, doors and baseboards when we can. In some cases we will brush and roll these surfaces.

Tampa House Painters – Kitchen Cabinets: When painting cabinets, we will first remove any hardware. Next we clean the cabinet surface by hand. Getting them as clean as possible before painting them. Next we will mask off any wall, ceiling and floor areas to protect form overspray. We then apply at least (3) coats of a premium finish to any cabinet we paint. Once dry we will re-install all hardware and remove the masking tape and plastic, to reveal what looks like brand new cabinets.

Tampa House Painters – Exterior Painting: Painting stucco, block wall or aluminum / vinyl siding is all about the same when it comes to applying paint. We use only the most premium of paint when it comes the exterior projects we perform. We want our work to last a long time to come. 5-10 perhaps.

Whatever your needs, Tampa House Painters can help you. Book your estimate online or call us today.